February 25, 2021

Arizona bill would legalize many airborne fireworks in Maricopa and Pima counties

Fireworks shooting into the air could become a more common occurrence in Maricopa and Pima counties under a bill proposed at the Arizona Legislature. If passed, […]
February 22, 2021

2021 First voyage: Direct Shipment from Yueyang Port to Hongkong

February 2, 2021, congratulating the shipping on its inaugural voyage with full loading of fireworks from Yueyang Chenglingji port to Hongkong, this route is mainly for […]
February 20, 2021

Steel Wool Fireworks Will No Longer Be Sold

Steel wool fireworks that have become a popular photography prop on social media with their eye-catching burning effects, however, due to the increasing safety concern, steel wool fireworks have […]
February 1, 2021

Breaking news: Beihai Port Reopen Fireworks Shipment

Due to the port site inspection, fireworks shipment at the Beihai Port has suspended on December 30, 2020. According to current news, Beihai Port has resumed […]