October 18, 2022

The Chemistry of Fireworks

The colours in fireworks stem from a wide variety of metal compounds – particularly metal salts. ‘Salt’ as a word conjures up images of the normal […]
October 14, 2022

Chinese Fireworks and Firecrackers Export Data Statistical Analysis from January to August in 2022

The volume of exports of fireworks and firecrackers in China from January to August 2022 amounted to 299,827 tons, year-on-year increase 41.8% Source from:www.askci.com The exports […]
July 13, 2022

2022 US Fireworks Label Requirement

AFSL has developed voluntary standards for all 22 categories of consumer fireworks devices, and updates them periodically.  The standards incorporate all federal CPSC and Department of […]
June 8, 2022

Fireworks Industry Figures

Fourth of July, Independence Day in the United States, is right around the corner, which means grilling and fireworks for many people across the country. Fireworks, […]