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An eye-opening pyrotechnic artwork

Ben Schonzeit《Fireworks》

Photorealist painter Ben Schonzeit perfectly captures everything we can imagine: the fireworks lit under the flower stand, he painted the gorgeous picture.

Cai Guoqiang《One Night Stand: Blasting Plans》
This conceptual pyrotechnic work was commissioned by La Nuit Blanche. The "White Nights" Art Festival is a contemporary art event sponsored by the Paris City Government, which is an all-night carnival in the city. The performance has three acts, namely "French Time", "Lover's Time" and "Farewell Time". The core of this loose narrative performance is to commemorate the passion, imagination and romance of this "City of Light".

Bompas & Parr《Multi-sensory fireworks》
Bompas & Parr artist group created this work called "Multiple Sensational Fireworks" in London. This colorful pyrotechnic work has fruity aromas and flavors. When the red fireworks explode in the air, the whole city is engulfed in a cloud of strawberry flavor. This is the first work that simultaneously mobilizes the viewer's sense of sight, hearing and smell in the explosion.