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Fireworks Industry Tips - Safety Training

On March 3, 2023, the Red Lantern Fireworks team conducted a biannual fire safety drill. As a high-level fire prevention unit in the fireworks industry, safety training is one of the core elements. This drill aimed to improve employees' awareness of fire safety, safe storage of fireworks products, and eliminate safety hazards.

On the day of the drill, Red Lantern Fireworks organized all team members to learn how to use fire extinguishers and conduct on-site fire extinguishing exercises. We also learned self-rescue and mutual rescue skills in the event of a fire. This fire drill was not only a review of fire safety theory knowledge but also a reinforcement of the practical operation of fire protection equipment. We will continue to strengthen fire safety work, enhance product safety management, and do a good job in safety popularization.

This report is from Red Lantern Fireworks. Please contact us if you want to know further information.