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The Tech Behind Fireworks

With the ending of June and the beginning of July, you begin to see the red and white tents popping up all over the place with hundreds of fireworks to purchase. However, for the big, jaw-dropping Fourth of July fireworks display in Nashville, they do not rely on the typical backyard hand-lit explosives to receive the crowd’s “ooooo’s” and “ahhh’s.” Instead, technology is a driving force behind the amazing firework displays that we get to enjoy on the Fourth of July and other special events.

Fireworks are now equipped with microchips that are activated remotely and pre-programmed by the pyrotechnician to shoot off and explode at a specific time in the night sky. This is one of the ways technology has enhanced firework displays that are synchronized to music for our viewing pleasure. Another microchip in fireworks is known as a Pixelburst Shells. These microchips transform the firework into various shapes such as stars, squares, hearts, and even cowboy hats! Pyrotechnicians can ensure an amazing grand finale for their show by installing simulation software, such as ShowSim, to plan out the final boom to leave the crowd speechless. Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of technology entering into the realm of firework displays is the increased safety that it provides for pyrotechnicians. As opposed to being in close proximity and having to ignite the fireworks by hand, pyrotechnicians can now be at a safer distance by using bluetooth technology.