September 30, 2022

2022 National Day Holiday Notice

Dear customers and friends, According to the Chinese National Day holiday regulations, the red lantern fireworks team will have a holiday from October 1, 2022 – […]
September 28, 2022

Great Britain Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations

Guidance on the regulations as they apply to products being supplied in or into Great Britain. July 2022 1. Introduction This Guide is for businesses placing pyrotechnic […]
September 27, 2022

RL5229 Execution Product Display

Red Lantern Fireworks RL5229 Execution display sharing by MyFireworkDemos from Youtube, 500 Gram 20 shots with effect of blue pearls and red/white/green/gold strobe and silver chrys […]
September 23, 2022

RL5369 Storm Breaker Product Display

Here is the finished product of Red Lantern Fireworks RL5369 Storm Breaker display with a splendid wrapping of laser film, 500 Gram 24 sky-filling triple fan […]
September 22, 2022

RL5252 Demolition Derby Product Display

Red Lantern Fireworks RL5252 Demolition Derby display sharing by MyFireworkDemos from Youtube, 500 Gram 125 shots with effect of brilliant magenta and bright blue dahlias fill […]
September 19, 2022

Temporarily to Stop Ship Smoke Products

It is reported that the U.S. CPSC has increased the frequency of sampling for prohibited chemical chlorates in smoke fireworks products imported from China and has […]
September 16, 2022

2022 NFA EXPO, Red Lantern Fireworks, Gain Trust With Quality

On September 10th,2022 NFA EXPO held in Kingsport Tennessee was successfully closed. Red Lantern Fireworks present a new brand image at NFA EXPO, compare with the […]
September 14, 2022

RL4043 Twister Fountain Product Display

Red Lantern Fireworks RL4043 Twister Fountain display sharing by Chemical Burn from Youtube, combination of two fountain with effect of blue fountain,blue pearls,white strobe,silver fish and […]